Treatment Package

Every patient gets a comprehensive support and guidance from us right from the beginning of his journey to Germany, throughout his treatment and afterwards. If you have any questions please send us email or telephone us.

German Visa requirements-

For the citizens of a large number of countries the German and Schengen Regulations require that special visa are necessary in order to come to Germany. This is also true when the trip is being planned for medical reasons.

However, there are different types of visa depending on the purpose of the trip, and there is a special visa path for medical treatment. If a patient plans to come for medical reasons, this would be the visa to apply for. But if a person that wants to come to Germany already has a visa for other purposes (business, tourist etc), there is no need to have an extra visa for the treatment. Once you are in Germany, nobody is going to ask you what purpose you had for getting the visa. So, if you already possess a visa, or have any means of applying for a tourist or business visa, that will be perfect. Only if you do not qualify for such a visa, the medical visa will be necessary for you.

With regard to these aspects, Juventas Revitalization Clinic can offer assistance:

We provide the written confirmation, that treatment at our clinic has been arranged with a statement regarding the estimated costs of treatment

As a rule, applicants must submit visa applications in person at the German mission responsible for their place of residence. A decision on a visa application for a short stay usually takes between two and ten working days.

You will generally require the following when applying for a visa for the purpose of receiving medical treatment:

– an invitation letter from the Juventas Revitalization Clinic,Germany which has given you a proposal for treatment, a cost estimate for the planned treatment and a possible date.

– supporting documentation in regard to financing the treatment costs.

Entry requirements

To enter Germany you need a passport that is valid for at least fourth months from your date of arrival. For citizens of EU countries a valid identity card is sufficient.


EU citizens do not require a visa. Citizens of all other countries will generally need a visa, with the exception of some countries for which the European Community has abolished the visa requirement. Nationals of those countries do not require a visa for visits to Germany lasting no longer than three months in a six-month period.


Goods from other EU countries do not incur duty as long as you carry them with you and they are intended for your own personal use.
Goods imported into Germany from a non-EU country are duty-free up to a value of €175.00. There are restrictions for specific goods, such as tobacco, alcohol and perfume.


No vaccinations are required for entry into Germany

On arrival at the German airport –

At the Frankfurt International Airport a representative of our clinic will receive you and accompany you on your way to Lahr. There are different travel options- either on a train ICE (InterCity Express) which leaves to Basel (Switzerland) every half an hour from the Frankfurt Terminal 1 or travel by car. The distance between Frankfurt to Lahr is 240 km and travel time by train is around 1 hr 50 min.


We can arrange two options for you-
Furnished private apartment- Economical option. Average daily rate is between 40-50 euro
Living in a hotel- There are several 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels in the vicinity of Lahr. Average room rate varies between 60 – 150 euro per day.


There are several restaurants and cafes in Lahr with Thai, Mexican, Italian, French menus.
Treatment specific food is provided by us to only those patients who are on Fat2Fit weight loss programme.


Discover the Black forest region-

The Black Forest, with its vast forests, open mountain heights and peaks with grandiose views, its deep and mysterious cirque lakes and charming valleys, is a popular destination for holidaymakers and visitors. Unspoilt landscapes, nowadays rare in Germany, characterize this unique and varied part of the country and almost the whole Black Forest has now been designated as a nature park – the largest one in Germany. Almost 200 kilometres long and 60 kilometres wide, the Black Forest is not only one of the most varied, but also one of the biggest and best known holiday regions in Germany. The Black Forest maids, Black Forest farms, Black Forest gateau, Bollenhut hats, cuckoo clocks – the Black Forest embodies everything that one might expect of a German picture book holiday. Thermal baths like Baden-Baden, Badenweiler and Bad Wildbad have a long and rich tradition. Nowhere else in Germany has as many springs in such close proximity. The location, at the border of Germany, Switzerland and France places guests within easy reach of diverse cultures and varied landscapes. The Black Forest was the birthplace of skiing in central Europe, with the first ski club being founded at the Feldberg Mountain, that rises to a height of 1,493 metres. It was here that the first wooden skis were produced and the first ski lift built. Today, the Feldberg region is one of the largest ski resorts outside of the Alps.

More information on the Black Forest tourism is available on-

Post-treatment tour to France-Switzerland-

Patients who complete the anti-aging programme at our clinic can take an opportunity to visit tourist places in nearby France and Switzerland. We can arrange such tours for you for an additional cost.The European Capital- Strasbourg(France) is only 37 km from Lahr. New York, Geneva and Strasbourg are the only cities in the world which are home to international institutions without being national capitals. The choice of Strasbourg as the European capital following the Second World War is no accident. The city stands as a shining symbol of reconciliation between peoples and of the future of Europe. Discovering Europe’s institutions is also a great opportunity to admire some marvellous examples of contemporary architecture.

More information on tourist places in Strasbourg-

Basel(Switzerland) is located around 110 km south of Lahr. Basel is among the most important cultural centres of Switzerland. The city comprises a large number of theatres and many museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the world’s oldest art collection accessible to the public.

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