Placenta Therapy Anti-aging Program for Women

Exclusively for women, we offer “Placenta Therapy Beautification Program”. It is a 6 months’ comprehensive anti-aging program with the first 7 days of treatment at Juventas Revitalization clinic in Germany. At the end of 7 days program a pack of placenta ampoules along with other revitalizing injections is given to patient with training for self-injection at home. It is an anti-aging program based on the regenerative properties of placenta cells specifically on skin, hairs and reproductive system (for prevention of premature aging and significant slowing of general aging process). This program works excellently for women having PMS problems, depression and lack of energy, facial wrinkles, hormonal issues, and other health problems. Many women undergo this therapy for aesthetic reasons like-for whitening of skin or to prevent/remove excess darkening due to overactive melanin pigment formation under the skin or caused by the UV rays(from the sun). The program is purely biological (no chemicals or harmful medicines) and is based on established German and Japanese Anti-aging protocols.

For long lasting anti-aging benefits it is recommended that all women above 28 years of age undergo this program once a year. There are no absolute contraindications to this therapy. Anyone can undergo this program. Placenta therapy is guaranteed to give amazing results within relatively short period of time and without any side effects.

The program includes onsite and offsite treatment components as follows-

Onsite (at Juventas clinic) – Daily 2 to 3 hours total body anti-aging procedures.

  • Accommodation
  • Transport: airport – hotel – airport (arrival and departure)
  • Anti-aging questionnaire review and Specialist examination
  • Basic Anti-aging Laboratory tests (Blood) and Functional diagnostics
  • 6 sessions of Intravenous Laser revitalization of blood for skin rejuvenation
  • 3 sessions of Intravenous Anti-aging high dose vitamin C therapy for skin
  • Daily intensive intramuscular human placenta therapy for 7 days
  • Take-home 6 month’s supply of human placenta injections
  • Take-home 10 vials of RNA injections for general anti-aging
  • Special Placenta cream for face, 50 ml- 6 bottles
  • High dose Orthomolecular oral Vitamin/anti-oxidant supplements for women- 6 months’ supply
  • Minimum stay 7 nights
  • Patient education, teaching, patient monitoring,
  • Free WiFi internet in hotel

What is Placenta?

The placenta acts as an agent between the mother’s body and the embryo when a new baby is formed in mammals, enabling it to develop and grow using oxygen and nutrients from its mother.

As well as connecting the mother and the embryo, the placenta also acts to separate them. Oxygen and nutrients flow into the placenta in the mother’s blood, and are then passed on into the embryo’s blood. In the other direction, waste products from the embryo’s blood are passed to the placenta and deposited in the mother’s blood.

Major Nutrients in the Placenta:

  • Amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) such as leucine, lysine, valine, threonine, isoleucine, glycine, alanine, and arginine.
  • Active peptides (amino acid polymers called peptides): Many active peptides have been found to be the key to pharmacological activity.
  • Proteins such as albumin, and globulin.
  • Fats and Fatty Acids such as cholesterol, phosphatidic acid, phosphati-dylethanolamine, lauric acid, and palmitic acid.
  • Carbohydrates such as glucose, galactose, and sucrose.
  • Mucopolysaccharides such as hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin.
  • Vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E, and niacin.
  • Minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and iron.
  • Nucleic Acids such as DNA, RNA, and metabolic products.
  • Enzymes: Close to 100 varieties have been found including alkaline phosphatise, acid phosphatise, hyaluronidase.

The Medicinal Properties of the Placenta-

Many researchers have found that the placenta possesses a variety of medicinal effects. When you consider the many nutritional properties and growth factors of the placenta, the “all-purpose organ” seems quite an appropriate description.

  • Nervous System Regulatory Function (specifically the autonomous nervous system)
  • Endocrine (Hormonal) System Regulatory Function
  • Immune System Function (raises resistance to illness)
  • Basal Metabolism Function (energizes the metabolism, cells, blood vessels and organs)
  • Active Oxygen Removal Function (prevents oxidation)
  • Anti-inflammatory Function
  • Tissue Repair Function
  • Tranquilizing Function

It has also been shown to have a number of other functions as follows.

  • Anti-toxin Function (strengthens the liver)
  • Lactation Promotion Function
  • Anti-Allergy Function
  • Constitution Function
  • Circulation Function
  • Blood Production Function
  • Anti-mutagen Function (suppresses cancer cell formation)
  • Blood Pressure Regulatory Function
  • Fatigue Recovery Function

Placenta for Beauty

Placenta, with its multiple effects and medicinal functions, is not simply a source of good health but also very powerful in beauty treatments. It is a well known fact that world famous beauty product manufacturers and high-class beauty clinics value placenta very highly. The amazing thing about placenta is firstly its skin whitening effect, as well as its wide ranging power to improve the big three skin problems: spots, wrinkles and acne, not to mention dry skin, rough skin, sensitive skin, and skin ageing. This is all the work of placenta’s various functions which improve the skin, the most important of which are listed below.

  • Skin whitening function
  • Moisturizing function
  • Tissue regeneration function (improves regeneration of skin cells, promoting replacement)
  • Connective tissue renewal function (produces collagen, actively renewing connective tissue)
  • Cell growth and regeneration function (not only has a direct nutrient but also promotes growth and regeneration of cells)
  • Circulation promotion function (promotes circulation in the skin, providing nutrients and removing waste products)
  • Active oxygen removal function (antioxidant function)
  • Anti-inflammatory function
  • Anti-allergy function
  • Immune system function

These functions have a cumulative effect on skin problems, giving a clear complexion and naturally hydrated skin. When using placenta for beauty, the most effective method is injections.

Benefits of placenta therapy-

  1. Blemishes disappear with placenta
  2. Wrinkles are reduced with placenta
  3. Placenta gives a natural lift to sagging skin (non-surgical facelift)
  4. Acne and acne scars are improved
  5. Placenta stimulates hair regeneration and stops hair loss

Why is placenta thought to be effective for so many ailments?

The use of placenta extract as a remedy was first introduced to Japan in 1970s. The government of Japan has approved the placenta therapy and Japanese national health insurance covers it. The clinical studies found it to be effective for the following conditions: menopausal disorders, menstrual pain, fatigue, constipation, diarrhoea, anaemia, migraines, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, Hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, stomach ulcers, bronchial asthma, neuralgia, enlarged prostate, impotence, cataracts, tinnitus, deafness, and postoperative peritoneal adhesion. The placenta carries out all the functions needed to grow the foetus inside the mother prior to birth. Perhaps this is why so many diverse medicinal effects have been observed, and why it is so effective in the treatment of the various ailments above.