Metabolic Stem Cell Therapy of Diabetes

Reversal of Type II Diabetes without Surgery or Drugs…

If you are a Type 2 diabetic, your doctor will never tell you that 90% cases of diabetes are reversible. In fact, if you even mention the “reversal” word around him, he will likely become upset and irrational. His medical school training only allows him to respond to the word “controlling Diabetes”. For him, the “reversal” word does not exist. However, your doctor is only partially responsible for his ignorance- It is the powerful pharma industry which systematically brainwashes doctors through biased clinical trials to get their patented products(drugs) to market as quickly as possible and then make huge profits by selling these drugs which of course treat symptoms but not the disease.

There is more money in the treatment of a disease than there is in the reversal or cure. American diabetes patients spend an average of $6,000 annually on costs for controlling their disease, according to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports Health, USA. That figure includes monitoring supplies, medicines, doctor visits, annual eye exams and other routine costs. But the total doesn’t include the costs of medical complications that often result from Type 2 diabetes, such as heart disease, strokes, liver and kidney damage, eye damage and a susceptibility to infections and poor healing that can lead to amputations.

Last year a leading US pharma company generated $2 billion from insulin sale. Global insulin sales are now $15.4 billion annually, increasing 400% since the beginning of 2000. Insulin sales are expected to keep increasing exponentially, and it is predicted that by 2050, 20% – 30% of the world population will have diabetes with the increase largely associated with Type 2. In August 2011, World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 346 million people worldwide had diabetes mellitus. In 2004, an estimated 3.4 million deaths worldwide was a result of high blood sugar. It projected the prevalence of diabetes mellitus would be doubled between 2005 and 2030.

Diabetes Type 2, in its modern epidemic form, is a reversible disease.

“Controlled” Diabetes mellitus indicates that the disease is being managed consistently within the normal range for blood glucose levels (i.e. 80 to 100 mg/dl) and hemoglobin A1C (i.e. less than 5.5%). Diabetes can be controlled artificially with diabetic medications and/or insulin. When diabetes is controlled artificially with diabetic medications, the disease continues to progress and does not stop the progression and development of various diabetic complications such as blindness, kidney failure, and amputation.

Current situation-

1) Wrong approach to diagnosis- In most patients the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus is done only on the basis of fasting/post-prandial blood sugar levels and Glucose tolerance test. Ideally, blood insulin levels/C- peptide should also be checked in each and every patient before a conclusive diagnosis is made.

2) Fundamentally flawed therapeutic approach – As soon as a diagnosis is done, too often doctors prescribe blood sugar lowering drugs or insulin quite prematurely and on ad hoc basis without recognizing the fact that at least in initial stages of disease process the main problem is- Insulin resistance of body cells and not the deficiency of insulin. Insulin resistance cannot be reversed by artificially decreasing blood sugar levels with drugs or by injecting insulin(which eventually leads to chronically elevated insulin levels). There are several non-toxic natural options to increase the insulin sensitivity of cells.

A word about chronically high insulin levels-

There’s nothing evil about insulin. Insulin is a hormone that has several hundred different functions in a healthy human body provided the level of insulin circulating in the blood remains within a normal, healthful range. But when the body becomes saturated with far too much insulin, this normally healthy hormone becomes toxic.

Metabolic therapy2

Chronically elevated Insulin can be more dangerous than chronically elevated blood sugar levels.

Over long periods excessive insulin directly causes or contributes to a wide range of chronic degenerative diseases including heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, sleep apnea and even cancer.

If you are a diabetic patient please note-Above statement does not mean that you should stop injecting insulin from tomorrow(if you are already on it)! Always consult with your physician before making any changes to your insulin regime! Tapering off and discontinuation of blood sugar lowering drugs and insulin should always be a physician supervised and step-by-step process.

Type 2 Diabetes mellitus is not a genetic disease. Many sources claim that type 2 diabetes is inherited because several members of the same family are stricken with the disease. People often state they have diabetes because it runs in the family. There is no scientific genetic linkage to diabetes. You cannot have a DNA analysis that shows you will develop type 2 diabetes. The common thread that runs in families that have diabetes is not genetic. The thread is created when family members pass on dietary preferences or prejudices that increase the risk of developing diabetes. Mothers with diabetes commonly pass recipe books to daughters who also develop diabetes because they eat the same high-carbohydrate diet. Therefore, as soon as individuals understand and prevent-treat the cause(s) of diabetes mellitus, which is carbohydrate consumption especially in excess, chronic high stress, toxins, obesity, trans fats, deficiency of certain micronutrients, autonomic system dysfunction, hypothalamic dysregulation,etc . the trend in diabetes mellitus will slow down and decline. Unfortunately, the continuing failure by health professionals to recognize above causes especially carbohydrate in excess as the chief cause of diabetes mellitus has significantly hampered the progress in correctly educating the public about what individuals should do for preventing diabetes mellitus.

Metabolic Stem Cell Therapy for reversal of type 2 diabetes mellitus is a physician supervised  7 days long residential treatment program currently  offered only at the Juventas Clinic in Germany.

Metabolic therapy1

Metabolic Stem Cell Therapy has three objectives-

  1. Stop the disease progression,
  2. Start the reversal process, and
  3. Treat the body damage already caused by disease process.

Metabolic Stem Cell therapy is not a ‘magic bullet’ but rather an intensive, comprehensive, integrative therapeutic approach based on the sound principles of human physiology and biochemistry to fight Diabetes at the cellular mitochondrial level. For achieving long lasting therapeutic effect we combine German biological therapies with an orthomolecular approach and try to eliminate all the possible factors which caused this disease in the first place. We also use state-of-the-art photonic device to increase body cell’s insulin sensitivity and to regenerate the damaged or dysfunctional Beta cells (which secrete insulin) of pancreas. Simultaneously, we treat disease related secondary pathologies like high blood pressure, kidney problems, eye problems, etc. Detoxification procedures help cleanse body of toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. and remove blockages from body’s arteries (Heart, brain, kidneys, etc. The program is totally non-surgical and without any  risk/side effects.

Metabolic Stem Cell Therapy Program for Diabetes

For whom?-
Diabetic patients (type I and type II) of more than 18 years of age.

Duration ?– 7 days  (Daily 2 to 4 hours outpatient based intensive treatment sessions) + 6 months take home medications provided by us.

What is included in the treatment package?-

  • Detailed patient review and specialist examination
  • Specific blood tests to assess the current diabetic status
  • Functional diagnostics to assess brain, kidneys, heart and pancreas function
  • Several sessions of Intravenous Laser revitalization of blood for regeneration of blood cells
  • Several sessions of Intravenous Ozone therapy to remove all hidden focuses of infection in body
  • 10 intramuscular injections of “Stem Cells for Diabetes”
  • Several sessions of Laser Scanning of pancreas with special equipment for regeneration of insulin secreting beta cells
  • Several sessions of German intravenous oxygen therapy with special equipment to increase oxygen supply to body organs
  • Take-home 6 months pack of Oral German Orthomolecular capsules
  • Take-home Orthomolecular injections for achieving weight loss of 5-12 kgs (in obese patients)
  • Individualized diet recommendation with correct ratio of Carbohydrates: Fats: Proteins
  • Access to gym and swimming pool
  • Patient education, teaching, patient monitoring
  • German visa support letter

What will patient experience after the program ?-

  • NORMALIZATION of blood sugar levels without use of diabetes medicines
  • Significant decrease or complete stoppage of diabetes medications (including insulin)
  • Weight loss of 5-12 kgs within 2 months( if overweight)
  • Significant improvement of symptoms experienced by diabetics viz. fatigue, blurry vision, thirst, pain and numbness in hands and feet, urinary infection, slow healing of wounds, etc
  • Significantly reduced risk of developing future complications of diabetes viz. gangrene, blindness, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, etc
  • In 90 %  cases of type 2 diabetes complete stoppage of diabetes medications (including insulin) is possible

Additional long term benefits of “Metabolic Stem therapy”-

  1. Significantly reduced chance of suffering from cancer in later life( Diabetics are 3 times more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than normal people)
  2. Significantly reduced chance of suffering from a heart attack or Stroke in later life( Diabetics are 4 times more likely to get a heart attack or Stroke than normal people)

Who will benefit most from the “ Metabolic Stem therapy”?

Any person(men and women) with type I or II Diabetes Mellitus –

  1. Suffering from it for not more than 20 years
  2. Patients who are on blood sugar lowering drugs
  3. Patients who are on insulin

Will I suffer from Diabetes again?

No- If you follow the specific medical advice given at the end of treatment program.

N.B. In 2010 at Juventas Clinic we conducted an in-house clinical trial of the Stem cell integrated treatment and its effectiveness on 62 diabetic patients. For getting the study report please send an email to