German Fat2Fit Programme

Medically supervised non-surgical permanent weight loss…

January is a big month for the diet industry. Christmas over indulgence brings panic over waistlines, a rush to start new diets, gym subscriptions and a ‘New Start’. By the beginning of February most of us have lapsed at the gym and have fallen off our diet wagons leaving us feeling unhealthy and despondent once more. Dieting to achieve sustained weight loss often fails even before you start – whatever plan you intend to follow. Why? In part, because diets fail to take into account the many and different individual and specific physiological reasons why you put on weight.

  • Psychological factors such as depression, anxiety & eating disorders
  • Behavioral factors such as poor portion control, fast food consumption & learnt eating habits from childhood
  • Endocrine disorders including hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, Cushing’s Syndrome
  • Stress
  • Factors affecting leptin synthesis, a hormone that appears to tell your body how much fat you have stored, thus regulating hunger
  • Poor glucose handling

Factors associated with Obesity

Instead of looking for the physiological reasons behind an increasing waistline the easiest answer is to turn to a number of familiar generic ‘truisms’ about weight loss. Consequently, you end up tackling the symptom, the weight gain, not the cause. The experience tells us that patients do lose few kilograms while on a diet but regain the lost weight (yo-yo effect) very quickly. Why these diets/methods do not work for most patients is because these methods rely only on “dieting”, that is- either intake, cutting down or prohibition of certain food items (quantity and quality) but the endocrine aspect (hormones), liver detox, optimal cellular oxygenation, role of autonomous nervous system, and impact of body pH on energy metabolism is totally ignored.

The German Fat2Fit is a groundbreaking physician supervised weight loss program that will change your life. More than 20 studies in prestigious German medical journals have documented the Fat2Fit Programme’s extraordinary success in helping thousands worldwide. Many diet-and-exercise programs claim results, but where is the proof, the published results? Scientists from renowned German universities and many other research institutions have lauded Fat2Fit programme’s effectiveness in weight loss.

The German Fit2Fat is a permanent weight loss plan that not only helps reducing your abnormal fat banks but also helps resetting your brain and endocrine system that consequently revamps your eating habits.

Apart from the significant weight loss achievement:The Fat2Fit Program has been found to:

  • Reduce Blood sugar levels by 20%-40%( Highly recommended to Obese Diabetics)
  • Reduce Triglycerides by 37%
  • Reduce Chronic Inflammation by 30%

German Fat2Fit Programme

Pre-treatment assessment

To determine feasibility of patient to undergo this programme. Detailed history taking, physical examination, essential blood tests, determination of the upper limit of carbohydrate tolerance (ULCT), BMI, Ideal target weight and body fat measurement.

Details of programme

First 6 days (at clinic): Daily patient attendance at clinic is compulsory (6 days in Germany)

What we do

  • Correction of hormonal imbalances
  • Correction of micronutrient imbalances
  • Special diet
  • Correction of acid-base balance
  • Removal of toxins from body
  • Liver detoxification
  • Correction of Autonomic Nervous system imbalance

Next 35-40 days (at home)

  • Customized Low carbohydrate diet depending on each person’s upper limit of carbohydrate tolerance (ULCT).
  • Orthomolecular supplements

Total weight loss after completion of both phases of German Fat2Fit programme(at clinic + at home) = 13 to 22 kgs

Benefits and bonus effects

  1. Easy to follow- No starvation feeling
  2. Exercise not compulsory while on programme
  3. Effective
  4. Permanent effect
  5. Significant weight loss in shorter time
  6. Non-surgical method
  7. No side effects
  8. Disappearance of cellulite from hips, buttocks
  9. No muscle loss (unlike in other diets/methods). Only excess body fat is lost.
  10. Improvement in skin texture and disappearance of wrinkles/ double chin
  11. No stretch marks on skin even after losing 15 kgs of weight
  12. Significant reduction in risk of developing Diabetes Mellitus II later in life
  13. Significant reduction in risk of developing coronary heart disease later in life
  14. Significant reduction in risk of developing cancer later in life
  15. Reduction of blood pressure in those having high initial blood pressure.
  16. Improvement in mood and self esteem
  17. Increased chance of delivering healthy non-diabetic baby(in women planning to conceive)
  18. Increased muscle mass, sexual potency and libido in men.

Myths about Weight Loss

Myth 1:

Diet sodas and artificial sweeteners will help you lose weight while enjoying all the sodas and pastries you desire. Well, just look at what obese people stock up on – diet sodas. Recent studies reveal artificial sweeteners contribute to obesity.

Diet soda consumers remain overweight while destroying their brain cells and creating other health hazards.

Myth 2:

Eat low or no fat foods. The bogus cholesterol scare created by junk science in the 1950s spawned the birth of a no and low fat food industry. Those foods are also usually sweetened with artificial sweeteners as well, creating a double health hazard whammy. Avoid margarine and hydrogenated oils.

Our bodies need good fats to help build cell walls, brain cells, and mylan sheaths that protect nerves. Producing vitamin D3 from sunlight relies on fats in our skin to start the conversion process. Almost all the dietary information out there has established itself on this bogus myth.

Good fats include cold pressed virgin olive oil, coconut oil, fish oils, hemp seed and flaxseed oils, or any other cold pressed vegetable oil except canola. Soy oils are usually from GMO soy. Even those demonized saturated fats in organic butter, eggs, and meats from organic grass-fed animals are healthy in moderation.

Myth 3:

Short special diets with drastically lowered caloric intakes are paths taken by many who are obese. They do deliver on losing weight for a short period. But they result in a lowered metabolism rate.

So when someone returns to his or her regular diet, even partially, the lower metabolism rate results in less food metabolized while more is stored as fat. This creates the up and down weight loss/gain roller coaster issues that trap fad dieters.

Myth 4:

Spot training burns fat in body areas on which the exercise focuses. For example, sit ups can tone and strengthen abdominal area muscles (abs), but they won’t burn fat.

However, weight training that creates overall muscle mass can help burn fat. Just realize that more muscle means you might weigh the same or more as you lose fat. Muscle mass weighs more than fat.

Relying on excessive exercise in general may not burn fat. A healthy lifestyle includes a balance of both the right foods and exercise.

Myth 5:

Eating less and counting calories is the way to lose weight permanently. It’s wise to know when you’ve had enough to eat, but counting calories can be counterproductive.

Before deciding on a specific dietary approach, you should determine your body type. The right foods for your body type will help burn fat naturally.