Anti-Aging Consultation and Diagnosis

Your anti-aging therapy program is a highly specialized and customized process that consists of five phases

1. Anti-Aging Therapy Pre-Consultation Interview

Age management is a very personal process and during this initial session you will learn about different anti-aging programmes, identify and share your goals, and discuss your needs and concerns with us. During this consultation it is also important to make certain that there are no medical exclusions (conditions or other circumstances) that would prevent treatment.

This complimentary session can be accomplished in person, by phone or by email. It takes approximately 15-20 minute to conduct the evaluation and will help provide some of the preliminary medical information needed in order to design a personalized program that will help you achieve your age management goals and to enhance the quality of your life.

2. Laboratory Tests

The next phase of the process begins with initial testing from a blood sample.

An extensive blood analysis is crucial prior to starting any anti-aging program. This allows your anti-aging doctor to determine the specific medications and optimal dosages that will best serve you.

Metabolic tests, include those for blood count, liver, kidney, lipids, cardiac markers, diabetes testing only come from blood serum analysis. Usually the Hormones levels are tested at the same time by blood but can also sometimes be tested using saliva. Scheduled follow-up tests to confirm proper hormone balance may be taken from either blood or saliva and that choice is dependent on several factors including client preference.

Additionally we check your Antioxidant status and Biomarkers of aging with specialized tests.

This gives us overall picture of your body’s defense mechanism and how fast your body organs are aging.

Laboratories used by the Juventas Revitalization Clinic are high quality, nationally recognized facilities that are also German government certified which ensures the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of patient test results.

Depending on the individual patient requirement we also conduct Functional diagnostic tests to ascertain heart aging, brain aging, kidney aging and blood vessels aging .We have state-of-the art functional diagnostic medical equipment at our disposal to carry out these tests.

3. Personal Consultation, Examination, and Lab Review

Once the initial interview is complete and the laboratory results are received, you will be scheduled for a personal comprehensive consultation, physical exam and review of the lab test results.

During this 1 to 2 hour appointment, your anti-aging doctor will review your health status, risk factors, medical and family history, metabolic imbalances and hormone deficiencies, as well as diet, lifestyle, exercise habits.

A comprehensive analysis of your current physical status can then be determined after considering body fat, lean muscle, bone density and medical history along with the results of your physical examination and review of the laboratory tests. Armed with this information, our anti-aging doctor will be able to develop individualized program recommendations.

Your individualized anti-aging program will be prioritized based on your goals and your medical needs.

It is your decision how extensive a program you are willing to undertake. Our goal is to improve your quality of life whether you choose to embark on a comprehensive program or simply begin a program that addresses your highest priority first.

4. Anti-Aging Program

After the conclusion of the consultation you will receive by private encrypted email correspondence a detailed report from us with recommendations for your age management program, including nutraceuticals (vitamins and supplements) and the recommended biological therapies. Depending on your needs you will undergo one or more of the four anti-aging programmes currently offered at our clinic.

The Juventas Revitalization Clinic staff will assist you in obtaining all the necessary medications, supplies and nutraceuticals and will also work with you to coordinate medication refills, follow-up lab testing, office visits, and telephone or email communications with the doctor.

5. Continued Care

A comprehensive and personalized anti-aging therapy program requires continuous monitoring since adjustments of medications and nutritional therapy may be needed. Therefore, it is necessary to schedule regular lab work to review levels and make such adjustments. If you are living overseas this can be done through local laboratories available in your country( a list of accredited laboratories overseas will be provided) .Ongoing communication during your program and treatment is provided and encouraged. If you have any questions or concerns we are available through email and telephone.